Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball


Provide all-natural alpaca nesting material for your backyard birds.

When exposed to the elements, the fleece dries back to its natural, soft state. Alpacas have fleece that is stronger, warmer and lighter in weight than wool. The fleece is hypo-allergenic and comes in 22 natural colors.

Created by All Things Alpaca, LLC

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The 4″ nesting ball with offer birds a soft, safe insulating material with which to line their nests.

Nesting Balls are created by adults and high school students with special needs or developmental disabilities.

The Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball® US Patent No. 9,497,938.

Photos by Colette Stanton, Edmonton, Alberta Canada and Wild Birds Unlimited, Saratoga Springs, NY