Cody, The Teeny Tiny Alpaca


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Cody, the alpaca, was born teeny, tiny. She worked very hard to grow big & strong. Proud of her progress, she is now ready to meet the other kids in the pasture. Once there, she discovers she’s still much smaller than everyone else. How will Cody handle feeling different from other babies in the herd? Will the other alpacas accept such a tiny girl?

Cody, The Teeny, Tiny Alpaca, a hardback picture book for children, helps young readers learn about feeling different and the value of being unique.

The story of Cody is based on the real life of one of
the smallest surviving alpacas in the US. Now healthy and happy, Cody’s joyful antics have won hearts across the country and all over the world. With thousands of loyal fans following her adventures, Cody hopes to inspire children who may feel different from others they see around them.