About Us

Our Farm

The idea for Grist Mill Farm Alpacas was actually conceived in 2002 when we had our first encounter with alpacas while at a polo match. We were attracted to them because they were cute, gentle, curious and calm. Although we often talked about them, we didn’t get really serious until we bought our 35 acre property in the beautiful rolling hills of northern Chester County Pennsylvania.

The property we bought was home to a dilapidated and crumbling grist mill dating to the early 1800s, along with a collapsed stone barn and an overgrown pasture. We built our house using all of the original stone and closely duplicated the original structure. We also added a small barn in anticipation of raising alpacas.

Our Alpacas

We spent several years researching the raising of alpacas, visited local alpaca farms, went to several alpaca shows and attended several seminars. The more we learned the more excited we were to actually begin raising these beautiful and gentle creatures.

In August of 2007 we purchased 2 pregnant females from a local alpaca farm. We moved into our new home in March of 2008 and brought the alpacas onto our farm in April. By then we had three “girls” as Nocturnal had delivered a female cria which we named Apollonia. Shortly thereafter we purchased another young female as a companion for her during her weaning. Click to learn more about alpacas.

We continued to breed our alpacas, often incorporating males from other farms in our breeding program. Our goal has always been to optimize the fiber characteristics of our herd. Our herd now numbers 15, composed of both pet-quality and solid fiber animals.

We’ve found owning and raising alpacas to be tremendously enjoyable. It is wonderfully relaxing to come home in the evening and watch them quietly grazing in their pasture.

It’s exhilarating to watch the young ones race around the pasture and chase each other as if they were playing tag. It’s fun to have young children visit our “girls and boys” (Nocturnal had a male cria in October of ’08) and watch them eating out of their hands.

Our Store

We’ve so much enjoyed the “alpaca business” that we have opened an alpaca store to sell things like yarn (from our own alpaca’s fleece, supplemented with yarn from other alpacas as well), scarves, socks, gloves, hats,  and sweaters. The fleece from these animals, in 22 naturally occurring colors, is soft, warm, resilient and hypoallergenic, and can be crafted into many luxurious and attractive garments.

Terri & Pete

I should tell you that neither Terri nor I come from farm backgrounds. We do both enjoy the outdoors, have always had pets and gardens, and aren’t afraid of a little physical work. We’ve found the time and energy requirements to be modest, and more than offset by the enjoyment we get from being around our “girls and boys”.

Terri and I would love to share our experiences with you and have you come and visit our farm and spend some time with our animals. Please email or call us to arrange a farm visit, or, if you have questions or just want to talk about alpacas. We will quickly get back to you.

Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to your visit to our farm.

Terri & Pete Silvester