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Price $ 500
DOB: 5/19/13
Sire: Peruvian Blissful’s Knight
Dam: Gallaghers Patience
Primary color: Dark Brown
ARI#: 32384680

Beautiful dark (near black) fiber and great staple length and density. Great choice for fiber production.


Price $600
DOB: 9/27/09
Sire: Sweet Dream Tryst
Dam: Gallagher’s Patience
Primary color: White
Secondary color: Lt. Brown
ARI# 31562386

Our only pinto. Great coloring and a shy, sweet disposition. Good density and softness.



$ 600
DOB: 10/30/07
Sire: Sir Sympatico
Dam: Promise’s Nocturnal
Primary color: Dark Rose Grey
ARI#: 31145879

A lovely rose-gray who can throw true gray. She is a good and attentive mother.


$ 600
DOB: 10/30/10
Sire: Need For Speed
Dam: Gallagher’s Patience
Primary color: Medium Brown
ARI# 31857628

This girl has great coverage and excellent fiber production. A great choice for knitters.

Dewars the alpaca from Grist Mill Farm


$ 400
DOB: 5/21/10
Sire: Maxwell Blue Rock
Dam: Grist Mill Farm’s Apollonia
Primary color: Medium Brown
ARI# 31562423

Good fiber coverage over his entire frame, and good density. A great fiber animal with a pleasant disposition.


DOB 10/16/09
Sire: Ore Hill Marquis
Dam: Promise’s Nocturnal
Primary color. Dk. Rose Grey
ARI# 31857611

Our rock star! He has been featured in an Anthropologie fashion shoot. He is a beautiful rose-gray with great markings.


DOB: 10/29/04
Sire: Inca Legend’s Promise
Dam: Granite’s Key Note
Primary color: Bay Black
ARI# 1040463

Perhaps our most attentive mother. She always throws large cria. Sweet disposition.

Patience the alpaca from Grist Mill Farm


$ 500
DOB: 6/4/06
Sire: Gallagher
Dam: Sweet Liberty
Primary Color: Light Brown
ARI# 30400900

She is a solid girl with lots of fiber at shearing time. A good mother with plenty of milk. She lives up to her name!

Gattlin the alpaca from Grist Mill Farm


$ 500
DOB: 9/13/13
Sire: Grist Mill Farm’s Cavalier
Dam: Promise’s Nocturnal
Primary color: Medium Silver Gray
ARI# 32384697

Our beautiful true gray. He is a small boy, excellent as a pet quality animal. As a bonus, he has beautiful fiber.



Count Chocula the alpaca from Grist Mill Farm

Count Chocula

$ 300
DOB 7/10/05
Sire: Carina’s Cicero
Dam: Burgundy
Primary color: Dark Brown
ARI# 30403178

The man with an attitude! He is one of our neutered boys who is comfortable in the boys or girls pastures.

Catana the alpaca from Grist Mill Farm


$ 300
DOB: 8/3/05
Sire: Scimitar
Dam: Callista
Primary color: Dark Silver Gray

He is a gray, pet-quality neutered boy. Calm, with a sweet, calm disposition.



All of our alpacas are guaranteed to be healthy and injury free at time of sale.

We can help to make sure you have the proper spaces, fencing and accommodations for your alpacas as well as answer any questions that may come up after you have them in their new pasture.

We offer complete education and support regarding raising and caring for alpacas, both before and after sale.

Free delivery within 100 miles of our farm.

For more information on any of our animals, give us a call, or schedule a visit to the farm.

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Alpaca Term Definitions

  • Sire is the father
  • Dam is the mother
  • ARI # is the registration # with the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA)
  • Proven is they have either given birth or if male they have fathered a cria (baby)
  • Unproven means they have not given birth or fathered a cria
  • Gelded means they have been neutered and cannot father a cria